Ayurveda in Himalayas



Divya Sanjeevani Ayurveda Clinic is the foremost & one of the best upcoming Kerala Panchakarma & Yoga Clinic situated in historic town of Mandi (800 m) in Himalayas. Mandi is built along the banks of the river Beas. The sage Mandva is said to have meditated here. Mandi is renowned for its 81 old stone temples and their enormous range of fine carving, it is often called the 'Varanasi of the Hills' or ‘Small Kashi’.The one of famous tourist place in Mandi is Rewalsar which is equally sacred to Hindus, Sikhs & Buddhists. It was from this place that Padam Sambhava, a zealous teacher & Buddhist missionary left for Tibet to preach his new doctrine of Buddhism.